My Life In San Francisco Bay Area | January 2019

Sunday, February 3, 2019

What was January 2019 like in San Francisco? It was desolate and rainy. I read the same sentiments from many people from all over the US and United Kingdom. I can understand why they are relieved that this month is over. Many also stated that January felt like the longest month ever. 

January treated me differently, though.  It was gray and storming here in the Bay Area but this first month of the year was actually quite exciting for me. 

What won over the bleakness of this month were  the celebrations of loved ones' birthdays, fun work trip to Seattle and the much awaited San Francisco Restaurant Week which is our BFF yearly tradition. 

As January is a quiet month, I also took the opportunity for quiet contemplation to create my intentions for 2019 by purposely taking the day off as a personal retreat on January 2nd. I also have been granted a rare Saturday of "me time" when Mr Sweetie had to go to work. It was a decadent day of organizing my closet, watching another Netflix holiday movie, baking and snacking. I mentioned this day on my First Week of 2019 blog entry.

Here are the highlights of January 2019:




I like this bokeh photo of the cakes that we got for my SIL's surprise birthday party that I am posting it again. Anyway, I wrote about this fun day of hosting her surprise birthday party at our house in the suburbs. It also doubled-up as the post-holiday get together with my siblings.   It was a day of pretty cakes and lovely presents


My brother gave my SIL another party with church friends after church the following Sunday. I went shopping at TJ Maxx first after church to catch the post-holiday sale. Then I met them at the restaurant. They introduced me to this stuffed cornish hen. My eyes bugged out at how big it was.  It was a fun and delicious late lunch at Thai BBQ in Union City, CA despite the cold afternoon. Then we all drove across the street to get Starbread where we got the famous bread to go. It was a fun outing with friends and family. The next day was Martin Luther King Jr's Holiday. I had another day off that I spent relaxing, reading and eating the leftovers from my SIL's birthday lunch.


Mr Sweetie's parents took us to a dinner at Texas Roadhouse in Tracy, CA to celebrate his birthday even though his birthday was in December. Since it was a Saturday, it was also our Saturdate. It was a lovely evening with his parents. His mom and I enjoyed pina coladas. It was total food coma for all of us stuffing ourselves with their famous bread and cinnamon butter. I ordered these ribs with sweet potato and had it again for lunch the next day.


1) Bagels with cream cheese, tomato and red onion, and coffee on the day I was sick with a cold (January 10). Luckily, the cold was short-lived and only lasted for 3 days.
2) Solo lunch at KoJa Kitchen at the San Francisco Shopping Center 
3) A bowl of poke with amiga mejor to celebrate her birthday. We met up at The Market at the Twitter Building in SF. This was her requested birthday lunch treat. It was a short and sweet meet-up while it was storming outside.
4) A veggie plate during our staff retreat. I am proud of my healthy choices these days. And the storm was also raging on this day.
5) Cheese bread and coffee at the airport in Seattle while waiting for my flight to SF.
6) The delicious poke bowl that Mr Sweetie brought me one evening for dinner.
7) This was not in the picture but I had a nice quiet lunch of vegan potato leek soup at a newly discovered eatery in SF. It was memorable because it is rare that I get to go out to lunch because of my very packed schedule at work. Looking back, it was a late afternoon, the eatery was a solace for me as I enjoyed my soup and I started a new book.


All I am going to say for now is that it was a wonderful trip. The schedule was packed because it was a business trip. However, it was lovely. I will write more about my Seattle travel soon.


My BFF and I participated in Restaurant Week for the 10th year this year. We eagerly await RW every January to counteract the slump after the holidays. RW gives us something to look forward to in the middle of winter. It was a fabulous lunch at Myriad Gastro Pub in SF. I will post this photo of one of the appetizers for now. I am planning to write a restaurant review of our meal here next.

Saying goodbye to January. I am grateful for the laughters, light and warmth despite this stark and cold month. If there is one thing that I learned, the antidote to cold is the company of friends and family. Bringing them closer will  bring the coziness that warms the heart and the home.

Excited for what the love month will bring! Hello, February!

What are you looking forward to in February?

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