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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Hiking down to the Sutro Baths has been on my San Francisco Fabulous Life List forever.  And what a perfect day to go but on my birthday!

Sutro Baths is one of the Golden Gate Recreational Areas located in San Francisco.  It is one of the historical landmarks dating back to the 1800s. Located at Lands End, a wild and windy trail above the Ocean Beach that will take your breath away, (not to mention that you will be rewarded with the view of Golden Gate Bridge), you will see the ruins of Sutro Baths below you. Surrounded by the magnificent ocean, you will be enticed to hike down the wood and dirt trail to get as close to these baths where thousands of San Franciscans called it their swimming pool two centuries ago. 

I have been to Sutro Baths many years ago before the trails were developed and made safer for hiking.  I was in this part of San Francisco on my birthday and decided to get a healthy dose of nature on my special day.  As I stood and marveled at the earth's beauty in front of me, Sutro Bath beckons at me. On Wednesday afternoon, I was surrounded by nothing but nature and solitude despite the fierce wind and cold.

I could not resist the call of Sutro Baths that my feet started climbing down the steps of dirt and wood. Luckily for me, I was dressed for tthe weather. I had on my Eskimo puffer coat, wool scarf, gloves and Uggs.

There were other hikers as well who braved walking on the ruins. I am not as brave as they were as I was afraid that the powerful waves might get to me.  

It was a short hike although there were some steep parts but manageable. A beginner hiker could easily do it. I really wanted to see the cave below as I used to explore it many years ago. The cave was still there but there was an ugly temporary rail inside it probably for safety but ruined the raw beauty of the place.

I hiked backed up and went inside the gift shop as I was freezing and my hands and face felt numb from the cold despite the sun being out. The gift shop is a must visit as it carries lots of interesting books and items about San Francisco and nature that your loved ones will happy to get. They do not carry junkie souvenirs. I bought 3 butterfly kites for my teenage nephews and niece, while I got my 2 year old baby nephew an interactive book about Lands End complete with pictures of the pool and sea lions. It made me happy to buy them presents instead of buying myself a present. 

With all the activities that I had on my birthday, hiking and a dose of nature really made it memorable and special. And I got to cross it off my Fab Life List!

Travel Tips And More Places To Visit:
1. This section of  Highway 1 in San Francisco is full of nature, parks and museum that are free to visit.
2. Take a hike on Lands End alongside Cypress trees and the ocean.
3.  Lands End is another spot to see Golden Gate Bridge.
4. Catch the sunset on Ocean Beach but DO NOT SWIM OR WADE. The water is very dangerous.
5. Have a decadent meal at the Cliff House, a Victorian mansion, while enjoying the view of the ocean. 
6. Have a beer at  Beach Chalet, or just visit to view the famous historic murals.
7. Stop by Camera Obscura for a science lesson while viewing the ocean through a giant camera lens that was designed by Leonardo Da  Vinci. (I still have not been! I keep on forgetting to go!)
8. Stop by the Lands End gift shop to browse or buy a quality souvenir.
9. Bundle and layer up! San Francisco is often foggy and cold!
*All of these places are within walking distance or short drive from one another.  

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