Wednesday, January 1, 2020

While my  written "Hopes, Dreams And Wishes For 2019" was introspective, my New Year's list for 2020 is merely a list. I am less into a reflective mood this New Year because I am in a better mind-space.  In 2019 I felt like I was getting side-tracked but I feel more grounded as of this moment.

I know that I will once again arrive at the point of self-searching because I am contemplative by nature. I always love creating lists since I was a little girl. Lists are fun and they keep my life organized. 

For my New Year's List, I will start with my  word for 2020.

INTENTIONAL AND PRAYERFUL are my words for 2020.

I will be more present. I will be more aware. I will try to do things purposefully and intentionally. I will apply this intention with awareness in my personal life, faith and work; and as I navigate my relationships with family, friends and the new people that I will meet a long the way this year.

I will pray always, every single chance I get, about everything and everyone. 


1. I will no longer work myself to the point of running my body, mind and spirit into exhaustion.

2. I will make sure that I have energy left for the weekends after giving it my all to my job during the weekdays.

3. I will take days off for self-care, mental health breaks and when my body does not feel well. 
4. I will take my lunch every single day at work.
Once again, I still have not managed to accomplish this goal year after year. Every single day, I struggle to take my lunch although I continue to eat at my desk while working. In 2020, I intend to take a full hour of reading during lunch.  

5. I will do breathing exercise at least once a day. 

6. I will find moments for solitude whenever I could find them.

7. I will celebrate my friends and loved ones' birthdays.  They are truly the ones that matter in this life besides God.


1. Take care of my back pain.
I will not stop until I find treatment and relief for my back. My back will feel better this year.  

2. Schedule routine medical appointments.
I will schedule annual exam in March.

3.  Organize photos.
Print pictures and put them in a cloud and hard drive. Send family 
and friends copies of pictures.

4. Continue to organize and donate. 
Get rid of papers and magazines. Donate unneeded stuff. Transform the second bedroom into my little sanctuary and have it ready by next holiday season. 

5. I will send a care package to my family in the Philippines.


I already have trips scheduled for 2020 and I am open to possibilities of more travels:


1. Nashville, Tennessee for work in February.
2. Chicago, Illinois for work in June.
3. Vacation with my family during my parents' visit. 
4. Another vacation with Mr Sweetie. (Still figuring out where.)


1. Visit more POPOS in San Francisco.
2. Take a walk on Crissy Field, watch the sunset and visit Fort Point.
3. Take an afternoon to visit Chinatown and North Beach.


1. Bake during the winter time. (Banana Bread in January. Yay!)
2. Enjoy the quiet and solitude of winter. Read, write and find time for reflection.
3. Try  new recipes in the fall, spring and summer.
4. Tackle my "To Read" list and read at least two good literature. 
5. Go to the beach this summer. 
6. Take a day off during my birthday and do as I did last year.



1. Create a date night and staycation list every month. 
2. Celebrate BFF traditions and create new ones. 
3. Have monthly lunch dates with friends.

 2020  AND ALWAYS...

These were from previous years' posts but I am including them again as a reminder that these are the things that matter the most:

1. Worship every Sunday. 

I made this my goal six years ago. I am so proud that since 2014, I wake up early every Sunday and drive that hour drive to go to church, worship with my family then have lunch together afterwards.

2. Family first. 

Always make time for my family which is already the case. Do not miss birthdays and important dates. Take the time to talk to my sister on the phone everyday. Call mom and dad every week. Have lunch with my family every Sunday.

3. Plan fun Saturdates with Mr Sweetie. 

No matter how tired I am, we need to go out every Saturday. We are both committed to this because we both agree that date nights are very important in our relationship.  I just need to plan more fun date nights.

4. Go on  many BFF Adventures.

BFF and I already looking forward to so many plans this year -- Restaurant Week in January, our post-birthday celebrations, museum visits.... San Francisco truly is our BFF playground.

5. Never let friends slip away. 

Friendships take work. Even most of my friendships are for life, it is easy to let the year go by without seeing each other. Continue to stay connected as my friends are my family as well. Send random texts and plan lunch dates with Karen S, BP, Bonnie and Alice.

I am so excited for 2020. I love the new blank pages and fresh starts. I am looking forward to new possibilities, new adventures, new places... I am eagerly anticipating creating new beautiful memories with my family and friends. 

I pray and hope for blessings of life, love and strength for my loved ones and every person whom I will cross path with this 2020 no matter how brief or fleeting.  The Lord has been faithful all my life and I will trust in His Grace and Faithfulness this year, decade and always......

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