Embracing Safety and Strength

Thursday, February 20, 2020

I know about trauma more than the average person because I teach it. I even help people heal from their own trauma. Until I recently experienced it, it was then when I truly  realized how persistent, pestering and insidious trauma was way after the actual event was already over.

It has shaken me to the core, and has rob me of sense of safety and my sleep.  It is now time to take back my joy, independence and declare my strength from those people who took more than my purse, cell phone, credit cards,  and have threatened my life.  I am so loved by many and I love life itself. I now declare freedom from these fears. Instead of making me weak, this experience has brought me strength that I did not know I possess, and other blessings have been added unto me.  

I praise the Lord for His protection and guidance as He delivered me not just from harm but the darkness. 

I will intentionally remember these as I made my journey towards healing:

1. I was shaken but I was not harmed. 

2. I did a good job of being very calm.

3.  I am a strong woman. I am a survivor. I survived this experience, I will survive it again if I need to.

4. It does not mean that it would happen again although it is possible. I cannot live in fear waiting for it to happen again.

5. The perpetrators  are opportunistic. They are not organized or intelligent enough in coming back to try to victimize me again. 
6. I am  going to stop talking about the experience in order to stop re-traumatizing myself every time I do so.

7. I will not allow the sense of loss and fear to rob me of my joys.

8. God has protected me all my life. He has never failed to protect me and He will continue  to do so all my days. His angels are guarding me at all times. 

9. I will live my life to the fullest each day. I will pursue health, joy and love at all times.

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