April 2022 in pictures

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

It has been a long time since I have written a monthly gratitude post. I will try to attempt one here. With not having any time to blog nowadays, I get overwhelmed just thinking about writing a blog post. It is hard to imagine that I used to post a weekly post! Where did I ever find the time?!  I think I can  answer that for myself: 
  • Weekdays are for work -- I wake up at 6:30 am. Leave the house by 8:00 am. Read on the train for 25 minutes. Start my work day around 8:50 am. Home just a few minutes before 7 pm. Made Mr Sweetie a quick dinner. Soup and whatnot for me while we are watching our shows. In bed by around 9:00 pm where I read until past 10:00 pm. 
  • Saturdays are for brunch, chores, watching our shows and ordering food delivery. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we barely go out to eat in our attempts to stay safe.
  • Sundays are online church from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. Taking a quick shower and making him breakfast before church. Drive to see my mom, dad and sister's family in San Jose. Take my parents grocery shopping and lunch, play with my baby nephew Jacob, leave San Jose by 5:00 pm. Home by 6:00 pm or 7 pm.
There pretty much goes my week. I should really not be too hard on myself as I do a lot. I told my friend that I often have a case of FOMO. She told me that being able to do what I do (allowing myself to relax on Saturdays) is a blessing as not many (like her who is a mom to small kids) do not have the luxury of time. 

With all of these, this was how my April 2022 went:

Team Bride

April 1st opened with a lovely celebration of my beautiful work friend and her partner. I so appreciate my coworkers who are also work friends/ work family who take the time to celebrate birthday and joyous events like our friends' bridal shower.  They are very talented party planners!

Jacob's 6th Birthday

Such a blessing to see my little nephew grow up. How he has grown up so fast! It was fun to see friends, family and spend time with my mom and dad during the party.  As always, we enjoyed lots of delicious food as well as plenty that we were sent home in true Filipino tradition. I also made sushi bake which my 18 year old nephew's favorite.

San Francisco Restaurant Week with BFF

First Restaurant Week with BFF since the pandemic in 2020. We have been going for ten years if not more! So happy that we got to resume this tradition of our friendship once again. We enjoyed a nice lunch at Montesacro Pinseria Romana . Looking forward to more delicious BFF Restaurant Week meals! 

Food and Family

Vietnamese food while visiting my sister's family. Made spam musubi with Jacob which he devoured and kept on saying "Yummy! Yummy! He ate 4 while his big brother ate 2!" Treats from Hawaii from my sister. The entire family went but Mr Sweetie and I opten not to join.

BFF Wine & Cheese Afternoon At The Ferry Building

Easter BBQ

We celebrated Easter with Mr Sweetie's family as my family was in Hawaii. It was a nice celebration with delicious bbq (carne asada, chicken and ribs), mac and cheese, apple and cherry pies, tons of pastries and chips and salsa. At this point, I am no longer eating meat so Mr Sweetie got me my own pecan cranberry salad which was delicious. 

Thursday Lunch Date With Mom and Dad

Took my dad to his ENT appointment on a Thursday then we had lunch at Tomi's Buffet which was my parents' request. This was my first buffet since the pandemic in over two years. Was super out of my comfort zone but it was a joy to see my parents enjoy their food. Then we went to Dollar Tree which we joke as my dad's favorite store. He likes to buy office supplies while my mom and I bought gardening stuff like bulbs and planters. It was a sunny and gorgeous day with my parents!

In my Kitchen

I rarely get to make things in my kitchen anymore but this month I got to make Mozzarella Almond Bites. Making French Toasts has also become our Saturday brunch tradition. I can whip up the batter from memory as I have been making it every Saturday for months. The spam musubi was made in my sister's kitchen but it was my creation with my sous chef, 4 year old nephey Jacob. :)

RECIPE TO TRY: Pistachio Fluff
Mr Sweetie's sister brought this sugar-laden but fun dessert. I have to make this for my nephews!

Food Love Language

I am so blessed that Mr Sweetie always bring me little treats as well as friends love to feed me as well. He got me Filipino mac and cheese from a Filipino restaurant, a delicious mushroom quiche from NIles Bakeshop and chocolates for Easter which I shared with my nephews and mom. A lovely work friend, Yelena, gave me a bar of lovely chocolates as well as fancy chocolate bits for tastings. 

Cozy Moments 

I am always reading cozy books but this one was memorable for the day I read it. It was a rare day while I had to call out from work due to feeling under the weather. It was cold and raining, and I spent the day reading this book that was set in a castle in Scotland while while under the covers and drinking creamy Earl Grey tea. I need more unhurried days like this day.

Simple Joys

They were the simplest things but brought so much joy such as enjoying a seasonal treat of Hot Cross buns, my spring stick ons, fried egg and coffee on a rare day I was off from work, daffodils and my Easter corner.

What I am Grateful For

On April 29, while I was spending time with my mom and day, I got a call from Mr Sweeite that he tested positive for Covid. His friend tested positive first. Few days later, I also got sick. Despite being so careful for over two years, Covid has entered our home. 

Despite this, we have been tremendously blessed. As I am writing this on May 10, almost two weeks after I became ill, I am on the mend. Except for cold symptoms and lost of taste and smell,  I am almost better. Mr Sweetie bounced back within 4 days. My parents never got it which I am so very grateful for. 

April has brought so many blessings. I thank the Lord for the blessings of healing from Covid, protecting my parents from being infected; that Mr Sweetie's parents are continued to be blessed with life despite their illnesses, my nephew's 6th birthday, Easter, family togetherness, joyful moments with BFF and being able to worship with her on Sundays, kind and fun work friends, and the gift of rest.

God is good and I will continue to sing his praises!

Thank you, April! Hello, May flowers!

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