Friday, January 5, 2024


I have not written a yearly blog journal entry since 2020. With the pandemic, it was all about survival.   Although I created a cooking blog, I stopped writing my thoughts. My intention to is to revive this blog and start writing again. 

GENTLENESS is my word for 2024.

With the world feeling so chaotic, sad and unsafe, I will choose to be gentle. I will have gentle mornings where I will enjoy my coffee whether at home or at work. I will make sure that I will dwell on things that are compassionate and will avoid anything that provokes anger. I will surround myself with grace, hope, warmth and softness at home and in my friendships. I will constantly pray and lean on faith and God's provisions. I will surround myself with people who inspire and bring joy, and avoid ones who create chaos.  


1. Take a break during my lunch break.
I will go for a walk, read, journal or listen to audio books during my break.  

2.  Take PJ/Repair Days.
I will take days off for self-care, pursue my hobbies of cooking, baking and food photography and to just be. I will rest my body when I do not feel well. I will live in my pjs for a day, read real books and light candles.

3. Take care of my health.
  • I will keep all my medical appointments.
  • I will continue intermittent fasting by not eating after 5:00 pm.
  • I hope to lose 5 lbs this year. 

5. I will look for "glitters" or anything that inspires joy in my day to day life. 
I will take pictures of those "glitters."


 1. Go on vacation with E after mom and dad go back to the Philippines.
 2. Go on weekend trips to Bodega Bay, Half-Moon Bay, Napa Valley and new places. 
 3. Create a Holiday To-Visit list. 
    • Sacramento Holiday Train in December


1. Take a walk at Crissy Field and visit Fort Point.
2. Take an afternoon to visit Chinatown again and get dim sum.
3. Visit North Beach (and get focaccia from Liguria).
3. Explore Golden Gate Park.
4. Do a food adventure on Clement.


    1. Bake during the winter time. 
    2. Enjoy the quiet and solitude of winter. Read, write and find time for reflection.
    3. Try  new recipes in the fall, spring and summer.
    4. Tackle my "To Read" list and read at least two good literature. 
    5. Take a day off during my birthday. 



      • Apple Pie


      • Peach Pie 


      • Mango Pie 


      • Zucchini Bread 


      • Pie crust from scratch
      • Quiche
      • Tomato squares
      • Foccacia

        WHO I NEED TO BE WITH IN 2024

      1. Create a date night and staycation list every month. 
      2. Celebrate BFF traditions and create new ones. 
      3. Have monthly lunch dates with friends.


      1. Organize at work
      Declutter and organize my filing cabinets

      2. Continue to organize and donate. 
      Get rid of papers and magazines. Transform the second bedroom into my little sanctuary and have it ready by next holiday season. 

      3.  Send two care packages to my family in the Philippines.

      5. Paint and fix the house
      Paint the fireplace, ceiling and patio. Fix the bathroom wall. Maybe buy a new fridge.

       2024  AND ALWAYS...

      These are another round of wonderful traditions that are meant to be repeated and enjoyed over and over again.  Some were from previous years' posts but I am including them again as a reminder that these are the things that matter the most:

      1. Worship every Sunday. 

      I made this my goal six years ago. I am so proud that since 2014, I wake up early every Sunday and drive that hour drive to go to church, worship with my family then have lunch together afterwards.

      2. Family first. 

      Always make time for my family which is already the case. Do not miss birthdays and important dates. Take the time to talk to my sister on the phone everyday. Call mom and dad every week. Have lunch with my family every Sunday.

      3. Plan fun Saturdates with E

      No matter how tired I am, we need to go out every Saturday. We are both committed to this because we both agree that date nights are very important in our relationship.  I just need to plan more fun date nights.

      4. Go on  many BFF Adventures.

      BFF and I already looking forward to so many plans this year -- Restaurant Week in January, our post-birthday celebrations, museum visits, Welcome Lunar New Year, Galentine's, re-visit Chinatown, BFF Holiday Wine Date, Velveteen Rabbit Ballet .... San Francisco truly is our BFF playground.

      5. Never let friends slip away. 

      Friendships take work. Even most of my friendships are for life, it is easy to let the year go by without seeing each other. Continue to stay connected as my friends are my family as well. 

      I am truly so excited for 2024. I have not felt this excited about the New Year in a while. The pandemic probably gave me fresh insights and perspectives about what truly matters.  love the new blank pages and fresh starts. I am looking forward to new possibilities, new adventures, new places... I am eagerly anticipating creating new beautiful memories with my BFF, family and friends. 

      I pray and hope for blessings of life, the best of health, love and strength for my loved ones  The Lord has never failed me yet and He will never fail me. His faithfulness will remain all my life and I will trust in His Grace and Faithfulness this year, decade and always......

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