Oakland | Halloween Stroll

Friday, October 13, 2017

Hello, lovely readers!

Halloween is just 2 weeks away! It is starting to get a little chilly -- finally!  Mr Sweetie and I went on a little Halloween stroll prior to dinner last Saturday. Noodle Theory was not open yet so we went for a walk to look at Halloween store displays.

It is delightful to live in a town where although it is an urban city, it has many neighborhoods that have cozy small town feel. Rockridge is such neighborhood. It has lots of cute bakeshops, wine and cheese shops, many restaurants, boutiques and independently-owned stores.

Mr Sweetie and I made a stop at La Farine Boulangerie. He asked me what I wanted and I chose an almond torte and raspberry rugalach. When we got home I did not know that he bought me a box of mini- pumpkin cupcakes! I mentioned to him that I was craving cupcakes although I am not really big on cupcakes. Those cupcakes were actually delish and I ended up devouring 5 (not in one sitting) and only gave him one. He lived up to his name, Mr Sweetie, as always.:)

Well, it turned out to be just a mini-stroll because he wanted to walk back to the restaurant before it got packed. It was a delightful one, though, and would have to do a Christmas one after Thanksgiving!

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