Gratitude Post: August 2017 Edition

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hello, lovely reader.

I know, I know. It is already October and I am just posting August. The thing is, I already covered my August happenings in my Goodbye, Summer post. However, in the spirit of my monthly gratitude tradition, I decided to write about August anyway so I can reminisce about the memories of this month someday. 

Me Time
  • THRIFTING: Took a day off and donated stuff to Goodwill. After donating, I went to the thrift store and found a set of very pretty brand-new Italian plates! Then drove to Arizmendi Bakery,  bought cheese bread and used my new plate. Love my thrift store finds!

  • Book: Finished Cool Beans -- an okay Christian YA. (Mini-review: 2 girl BFF's living together in Southern California. Maya works for a coffee shop as a barista. She dated this guy from high school to college whom she almost married 5 years ago. Her BFF ended up dating the same guy. The problem is Maya could not tell her BFF about their history. To complicate everything, her ex did not recognize her until much later in the book, even after hanging out together. Really? You were engaged and did not see each other for 5 years and you could not recognize your ex-fiancee?! Appearances might change a little but voice, habits, mannerisms, etc, will pretty much stay the same! Not a very believable story.) 
  • Beauty: New hair color, haircut and pedi.

  • NEW MONDAY NIGHT TV SHOW: Midnight Texas -- Mr Sweetie and I started this new show.  There were plenty of vampires, witches, werewolves, angels, etc in Texas. I am totally addicted. We watched all the shows and I can hardly wait for the next season!
  • FRIDATE MOVIE AT HOME: Storks -- cute!

3. La Calaca Loca
4. Mr Sweetie's Dad's 75th Birthday Celebration
5. Sunday Brunch Date at Country  Skillets (after 75th Bday Party)


I always treasure these moments with my siblings, nephews and niece.  After going to church with them, I either have lunch at my sister's house or my brother/sis-in-law's house. It is always Filipino food coma and I get to play with my nephews and niece. 

This was the pork sinigang (pork in sour tamarind soup) that I had at my sis-in-law's house. I got to eat with her and hangout with my 13 year old nephew. This was the first time I visited their new house as well since they moved. 

I also had lunch with my  sister, 13 year old nephew and bro-in-law while my 1 year old baby nephew was watching us eat. We had fried fish, watermelon and the most delicious mango salsa that my bro in law made!

  • Mr Sweetie's Dad's 75th Birthday Party - It was a super-fun surprise party at a golf course.
  • GBF's birthday dinner at Max's - His birthday was in July but we were persistent despite our busy schedule and managed to meet up for his annual birthday dinner at Max's. Always a fun get-together with his partner, Michael. It was on the same day as the eclipse.
  • Newly Remodeled Staff Break Room - I feel so blessed to work for an organization that really cares about the welfare of its staff, and provide lovely places to rest. We had a delicious lunch party to celebrate its launch. There were tons of food!

  • Eclipse Party - A fun morning with my co-workers viewing this magnificent rare phenomenon.
Delicious Moments
  • A delicious vegan lunch with friend, Katie at Golden Era Vegan in San Francisco.

  • A new mom and pop banh mi place in SF's TL neighborhood called "Hello". The pork combo banh mi and tofu banh mi were delicious! 

And this month, I danced like no one was watching. Actually, there were people watching but I was so tipsy that I did not care that I was dancing solo. YOLO! 

 I am grateful for the blessings of my family,  a wonderful job, faith and feasts among friends.

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