Napa Valley | Girls And Bubblies at Domain Chandon Winery

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Hello, lovely readers! I am so excited to share my lovely morning of sparkling wine tasting with my girls in Napa Valley.  (I am tempted to call this fabulous liquid "champagne" because it sounds more naughty and glam but here is a lesson about what is considered champagne vs sparkling wine.)

I actually do not give a flying fork as long as hundreds of intoxicating bubbles go up my brains as I am imbibing. Bubbles + my girls + Napa Valley + in the morning  = FABULOUS! And yes, we were drinking bubblies at just a little after 11 am and we are proud! And yes once again to the word "fabulous" being overused to describe this beautiful day.

Domaine Chandon was the first winery in our wine tasting itinerary. We planned on spending most of our morning here just summering (even though it is officially fall) and sipping bubblies at Domaine Chandon's lovely patio. 

Tastings are $20 for 4 generous pours. We took our flutes outdoors and sat at different tables every time we tried a different wine. We just sipped, gossiped, reminisced, dreamed of more travels.....We do not know for how long. Who cares -- we were on staycation mode! And it was a Wednesday when we should have been at work but no, we were having a fantastic morning wearing summer dresses and sandals.

If you ask me which sparkling wines I tried, umm, I really cannot tell you. I was just happily tipsy and  was just over the moon being with my girls sipping bubblies on a gorgeous sunny day in Napa Valley. Everything was delicious! I remember tasting a sparkling rose and  Sweet Star, a rich and sweet California sparkling (but not too sweet). It is served chilled and surprisingly, can be served with ice. This was the fourth and last wine in our tastings.  It was FABULOUS! (That word again!)

Before we left, we browsed again at the winery's boutique. Each of us grabbed a bottle of Sweet Star and happily went on to our next winery -- Peju Winery. What a dreamy morning with my lovely girls.

“I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not” – Coco Chanel

 Do you have a  favorite winery?


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