Weekday Joys # 3

Saturday, June 2, 2018

What a week! This week has been full of utter craziness. With the craziness, it has also been a week that was full, shaken, stirred and run over with God's grace and loving kindness.

On Tuesday, Mr Sweetie has become very ill. I took him to the emergency room. He has not left the hospital since. By God's grace, he is doing well. This week has been a blur of hospital staff in scrubs and juggling my time to go to work. I still went to work on Wednesday after staying until 11 pm with him in the hospital on Tuesday because I had a 3 hour presentation the next day. I also went in late on Thursday for meetings then went straight to his hospital room where I stayed all night until Friday morning that he  was wheeled in to surgery. It was hard to tell where the days started and ended. 

When someone tells you that it is not possible to get any sleep while in the hospital, believe them. Despite the fact that his room looked  almost like a boutique hotel room and he did not have to share it with anyone,  we both did not get any sleep all night. Hospital staff were in and out of the room.

Today, Friday, he had his surgery and it went well. 

Because this is series is about weekday joys, let me break it down here:


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Realizing that we are blessed with a very  good healthcare. Having to take Mr Sweetie to the hospital, it dawned on me that we are truly blessed that we are covered with a wonderful healthcare insurance through my job. This healthcare provided us with a peace of mind that he has access to all the care that he needs without worrying about the cost. It is a blessing that I never thought of until he had to go to the emergency room, be admitted and undergo surgery with a good after-care. 


Strong family support. When I found out that he was going to be admitted, I called his sister. His mom and dad, siblings and family members arrived and rallied. My family as well have been texting and checking in on me.

Mr Sweetie's hospital meatloaf. He was amazed that I would take a picture of hospital food! Ha! Ha!


Flexibility at work and co-workers who care. I have been coming in late or leaving early since Tuesday. My bosses told me to take whatever time I need to care for Mr Sweetie. In difficult times like this, this is such a blessing to have this support from work!


Love from my friends and family. My heart is overflowing with love from my friends and family. All throughout this ordeal  since Tuesday, I have been getting texts and calls from the best of my bestest friends -- BFF, amiga mejor, Jax, Russ and Janetita. They were sending me messages all throughout the days to let me know that they are thinking about me and Mr Sweetie, reminders to eat and rest, photos to cheer me up. Jax is sending me lasagna and lentil soup via Russ. My sisters were calling me all throughout. Everyone offers in any way if I ever need anything. In these difficult times, these sweet caring acts are precious. I truly feel like I am enveloped in a warm comforting hugs by my friends and family.

Mr Sweetie's parents brought Krispy Kreme and Starbucks while we waited for Mr Sweetie to come up of surgery.


Before Mr Sweetie went into surgery, we prayed together. Before his sister left, they prayed. Then my sister told me that my parents and siblings prayed for him the night before, and that my family in the Philippines got together to pray for the success of his surgery. His sister's church also prayed as well. 

I can either focus on the struggles or the abundance that are provided with these challenges. I choose to focus on blessings as there are too many to ignore. God's love  is too warm to not feel and not to make me feel strong. The comfort of friendships and family are too strong to for me to ever feel alone.


May 29 - June 1, 2018