My Sweet & Cute Valentine 2019

Saturday, February 16, 2019

When it comes to Heart Day, I go for #teamcute. I really detest the over the top declaration of love on this day. What I mean by "over the top" is one that involves many $$$ signs. 

I really believe that Love Day should be every single day. It should not be living mostly crappy days with someone then February 14 comes along and all of a sudden, it becomes a day of caviar, Dom Perignon, chocolates and $200 bouquet of roses.  I have been in this type of relationship and thankfully, those days were behind me.

I also believe that V-Day only matters when you are single. I hated this day when I was. I was pretty good embracing my singleness and girl powerness before I met Mr Sweetie. I am always independent financially and in all aspects of my life including going on solo international trips as a single woman. However, February 14 comes along and my singleness all of a sudden  felt like a big S letter tattooed on my forehead.

Now that I am blissfully coupled, for me Valentine's Day can be a day of sweetness and cuteness instead of just a mere day of barf-inducing displays of "love". (Sorry for being cynical.)

I have my own share of romance so maybe I am being a hypocrite here. Do I want to be greeted and be made to feel special on Valentine's Day? Definitely! If my man just ignores the day, I will be angry and sad. However, I do not need to be given elaborate bouquet of roses, or be serenaded by the moonlight while dining at a Michelin-star restaurant. 


I would rather be given cute and thoughtful little presents that do not cost much.  Looking back, in 10+ years of being together, how has Mr Sweetie professed his love for me on Valentine's Day? So far, these are the ones that I can remember.

My Valentine display at home. Famous singing monkey from Mr Sweetie from many Valentine's ago. Rose and balloon bouquet from the V-Day dinner with friends. 70 cent on sale Galentine art at TJ Maxx last year for me and BFF. Little kittens were presents for me and Mr Sweetie from Christmas. Heaert coasters on sale from Williams Sonoma a couple of years ago.
1. One year, I got a  singing toy monkey that is holding a rose.
2. Two years ago, he had 2 dozen roses delivered to my office.  
3. Last year, when I got home, there was single rose in the living room. When I walked into the kitchen, there were red and white roses, a dozen each, waiting for me, in addition to a bottle of champagne, cheeses, cold cuts and crackers.
3. Another year, he gave me a giant Hershey's Kiss chocolate with roses. I almost finished the chocolate months later  on PMS day in one sitting, and almost got sick but I was in chocolate heaven.
4. Another year I remember getting a box of fine, designer chocolates from him.
5. A box of See's Nuts & Chews on other V-Day's. He  gave my  mom a box as well when my parents were visiting few years ago.
6. He took me to a steak dinner at Ruth's Chris in San Francisco one year (the same year I got the singing monkey.) This was probably the only year that we have gone out on Valentine's Day that I can remember.  I really do not like to deal with the hassle of dining out on this day.
7. A gift card, roses and bottle of champagne another year.


And on Valentine's Day this year, I came home to a giant basket of Edible Arrangements. Since V Day fell on Thursday, I saved my yummy present for Friday evening. For our Valentine's dinner,  I cooked burgers. I hardly cook burgers so this was special. I used a really good quality organic beef specifically for burgers.

For dessert he got a box of chocolate covered strawberries which we shared in addition to my fruit basket and enjoyed with a glass of red wine.


On Friday evening, I made pizza and we eviscerated half of the fruit basket. I got to eat one of the solid chocolate hearts that came with it. I also opened the bottle of champagne that he got me a couple of years ago. It was very smooth and nice. We were like a couple of cave people stuffing ourselves with pineapples, strawberries and grapes. It was not a pretty sight but I prefer it over a fancy dinner. He lit the fireplace, we were in our pj's and watched a couple of crime shows until I fell asleep on the couch while holding my tummy  from eating too much.



On another note, V Day can be made sweeter when we celebrate with friends and loved ones. Our church friends put together a Valentine-themed dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory in San Jose the weekend before. They had cards waiting for men to sign and be given to the ladies. There was a fake but cute rose that lights up and a balloon for each of the ladies as well. They stalked our FB and downloaded pictures of every couple which our  friends framed as souvenirs to take home.  A big plus was my brother and SIL, and Mr Sweetie and I got to double-date during this dinner with our friends.
It was a very sweet and fun date night for couples despite the heavy storm.


And of course, Valentine's is also Galentine's. BFF is my Galentine every year. And just like our Galentine's last year, we had a museum date at SFMOMA. We saw the Wayne Thibaud exhibit  then we sat down at our favorite spot, the outdoor sculpture garden and exchanged pretty presents. And as always, she spoils me!

She gave me pretty plates, a heart candle, a bar of Tony's Chocolonely and a packet of raspberry tea. She shared half of her bag of  addicting Salted Egg Chips. For her to stop eating it so she could share with me, that's love! :)


Let us not forget our single friends since we were once been there, and hopefully never again. I put together a little casual get-together to bring some smiles to the "lonely" ones. (Their word not mine.) It was not meant to pair people up but just a place to make people feel special on Valentine's Day. We actually decided to just call it Heart Day. I provided the coffee, pastries and a tray of chow mein. I really did not have time to buy decors (plus they made it clear that they hate Valentine's Day) so I cut out little yellow and green hearts and placed them on the table along with a scattering of chocolates. In fact, we ended up talking about how to prevent and spot a heart attack. Very unromantic, I know, but everyone had a great time while coloring books, playing board games,  doing art work, just talking and having fun.   In the end, everyone ( all 9 single people) said that they really had a good time, and found support from other single platonic new and old friends.

Then in the evening I celebrated with Mr Sweetie, my Valentine of 10+ years. I thank the Lord for being so blessed with a good man and for so many years of togetherness.

With all of these celebrations, it was a very fun and memorable Valentine this year that I will fondly remember in the years to come.


We should not forget the  one person who deserves a lot of love this Heart Day -- ourselves!  I am very easy to please and it takes so little to make me happy. Being able to watch a cheesy Valentine's Day movie on Netflx and finishing a cute read were enough. I got to read "Be Mine" by Kris Calvert the book during my train ride and finish it on time for V-Day. It was super-cute and it is free on Kindle.  I watched the Netflix movie in two seating while Mr Sweetie had to work on weekends. I gotta warn you, "My Perfect Match" was so Cheesy with a capital C that you would want wine with that. It is my kind of my movie, though!
Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day this year, however, you chose to celebrate it (or not)!

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