San Francisco | BFF Museum Date -- Wayne Thiebaud

Monday, March 11, 2019

Just like going to a museum, I  will make this post a show and tell. Well, mostly show since there is not much to tell.  BFF and I are not much of art critics. Our  critiques pretty much boil down to whether we like the piece or not! Ha! Ha! We do appreciate art in any forms but we also have lots of fun in the process despite our lack of sophistication. 

This is the reason why one of our most favorite and regular hangouts is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). I am a member and by default, BFF is a member because she is my plus one.

The latest exhibit we saw was the Wayne Thiebaud exhibit. Our critique is -- we like it! Thiebaud's art is whimsy,  colorful and fun.   Okay, now on to the "show" part....


And BFF looking at another exhibit. (No longer Thiebaud's.)

Until the next art critique! :)

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