My Life In SF Bay| September 2018

Saturday, November 3, 2018

September 2018

❤ A solo business trip and a little "me time moment" in  Philadelphia
My business trip to Philadelphia was one of those unexpected surprises. Whereas all of my trips have been scheduled at least a year in advance, the trip was planned in less than two months, and was really supposed to be just for an overnight stay. It was extended to 3 nights and 4 days with a couple of days of personal travel. It was a much-appreciated rest. 

Most of the travel memories that I cherish are the moments where I got to find rest and solitude in a new city while reading a book and sleeping soundly. Discovering beautiful places are great too, but somehow for me those quiet moments where it was just me in a bed that is foreign to me, where I am able to rest for as long I wish, and where people are far by distance yet close to my heart -- those snippets of travel memories are the ones that stay with me. 

Sleeping in on Friday morning in Chicago. Staying in bed to read while it was  raining outside. Drinking hot coffee delivered to my room and eating it with donuts that I got the night before. Walking out of my hotel room into a new city where I have never been before.  Window-shopping at Magnificent Mile. Stopping to appreciate the beautiful river surrounded by giant skyscrapers.  Having lunch before going to my work dinner reception in the evening. There were cherished memories in Chicago

A fun, laid-back day spent relaxing on the couch watching movies including The Grudge and Peter Rabbit during dinner. It was not a warm day but rather chilly. I marinated skirt steak in soy sauce, coconut syrup and sesame oil. I grilled it on the stove along with corn. We ate it with fresh avocado and tomatoes. A delicious dinner and a restful day.

  • La Katrina Taco Truck in Oakland -- September 1
  • Fish and Chips at Fat Fish in Berkeley -- September 15
  • Mediterranean Dinner at Bacheesos in Berkeley -- September 22
  • Happy Hour at Barlago in Oakland Sept 29
*Sadly, the pictures on my camera were deleted. I do know how it happened! I lost the pictures that I took of Bacheesos. It was a funny evening because the restaurant was completely empty. The ambiance was classy and the classical European music was playing  on the background. We could have danced at the restaurants by ourselves! The buffet was nice but Mr Sweetie was not impressed and we will not return. The memories were nice though.
View From The Physical Therapy Office

  • Annual Physical Exam
 I finally went for my physical exam that I put off for a couple of years!  I was given a clean bill of health. Praise God!
  • Safeway lunch and read 
 It was a warm day but I decided to treat myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte since it was the beginning of fall. I also got Chinese food and read at Safeway. Then I went home and packed for my trip to Chicago.
  • Physical Therapy 
I have suffered from chronic back pain for years and I have been putting off  physical therapy. I had my first session in September and it helps already!

  • Sunday lunch with my family after church. My brother made Jamaican oxtail while my sister in law cooked lechon kawali. Food coma as always! - September 23
  •  Costco shoppingSeptember 30  
  • Salon and Sushi at Basa Fish
  • Window-shopping at Urban Outfitters - Such a rare time that I get to break away during lunch time. I need to do more of this!
  • Coffee and museum with BFF - A fun lunch meet up at SFMOMA over coffee. We talked about life, family, friends and my trip to New Orleans. As always, BFF gave me a bag full of treats and I gave her little things that I got her from New Orleans.

  • A rare lunch date with Amiga Mejor at Chanvi Eatery in San Francisco. A mom and pop restaurant with good Indian food. We had a fun time catching up after not seeing each other for 3 months because of her new job!

  • I always sign up for training at this venue because I really like the venue. The place is bright and comfortable with lots of light and space to have a quiet lunch that is also always provided. Luckily, the training was also very good. I spent my lunch reading, eating and talking to my sister.

  • Here was how I decorated my patio. (More and more were added as it got closer to Halloween.)

Goodbye, September! Looking forward to cozy October!

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